Monday, January 14, 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream

Oh for some good long sleep, my eyes feel as though they're on stalks. Leo is in love (or rather Leo is in lust).

My days are full of either the two bitches, who are in season, in a cage, with them yapping (make that screaming!) to come out and Leo relatively quiet but scratching at their door to go in; or Leo in the cage howling to come out and the girlies bonking each other, like something from a sleazy night club, in front of his eyes!!

At night it's slightly different. All the dogs are used to sleeping on our bed and if we try to change the routine there is absolute chaos with no-one getting any sleep in the entire house. You would never think that a 12 pound dog could create such a noise.

Once I left him in a cage thinking that he would have to shut up sometime. Within about five minutes there came such a dreadful nose that we all rushed into the room to find that he had somehow got his bottom canine teeth caught under the bottom bars of the cage door. He was in such distress that I thought he would lose his bottom teeth. I said a quick prayer and tipped the cage up slightly so that he coudn't pull on them and somehow he got them free.

So now I've come up with the answer. I put Leo on a lead and tie it to my wrist so that he is quite close to my face. He usually sleeps there and so he will settle down once the lights are off. Then if he starts getting any ideas about wandering, or if the girls come for a visit, I know about it and can usually stop the action. But I don't get a lot of sleep, it's only for a few days but I'm at the zombie stage.

The picture at the top is one of Buffie with a cup that she won at a club show last year.

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