Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just A Dog?

“It’s just a dog, you’ll be alright.”

The ill informed will say.

But they don’t know the little soul

who passed away today.

Always there with licks of love

Or tummy to be rubbed

Always there with listening ear

To let you know you’re loved.

A dog is more than just a dog-

A child, companion, friend…

With loyalty and kindness, too.

And truth that knows no end.

Unless you’ve loved a dog yourself,

You’ll never truly know

What spirit they take out of you

When it’s their time to go.

So please don’t say “it’s just a dog”

To me, she was my friend.

She waits above for me to come

And pet her once again.

For now it is a brand new day;

Tomorrow-a new dawn.

I’ll miss you so, my little friend.

Your love lives on and on.