Monday, March 17, 2008

Phantom Preganancy

Poor Buffie!
I thought she was acting strangely when I had to rescue her from behind the sofa, where she had got stuck, twice in a matter of minutes.

Then she started making the strangest noise, almost as though she was trying to talk, while staring at me. A quick examination of her undercarriage showed that she is producing milk and I realised that this is the time when she would have been having a litter if she had been mated at her last season.

I was going to have her injected to stop her coming into season later in the year but I think it will have to wait until she's back to normal. Or at least normal for her! She is a strange little soul at the best of times.

I feel very sorry for her as she obviously believes she is having pups and is going to be disappointed. I wonder how much a dog feels about motherhood, am I over-estimating her emotions I wonder?

She is also being extremely snappy and bad-tempered to the others, poor SweetPea (who is pictured behind Buffie, looking worried) could hardly move in bed last night without her leaping at him growling.