Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Rainbow Bridge

Well the day has come as I knew it would. The day that Lacey said it was time to go. She had been a bit unsteady on her feet all week and wasn't quite as eager for her breakfast, then she was sick a couple of times, and finally she had diarrhoea on Wednesday night and on Thursday mornin she looked at me and asked to be allowed to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Our vet just said,"Well we knew she would tell us when the time was right" and we gently sent her to sleep for the last time. I carried her out to the car with tears rolling down my cheeks, we took her home and let the other dogs see that Lacey was dead. They all went up to her and sniffed her then walked quietly away.

We buried her in the garden alongside all the other rescued Griffon we have said "goodbye" to. Our Grandson picked primroses to strew on the grave and said a little prayer.

We will miss Lacey, she was very gentle and maternal. We rescued her about 10 years ago, when she was six. Her owner/breeder had died and left four black rough Griffons with no one. So we took them in, I wondered whether we would be able to tell one from another so I asked if they could come with labels, saying who was who. Lacey's label said "I am Lacey, I am a sweet little girl but I don't like men." I don't know what she made of my husband because within an hour she was standing on his lap with her paws around his neck, pressing her face against his. We found that this was something she liked to do and we all had lovely Lacey cuddles from then on.

When she was about ten she started to get mammary tumours and had ennumerable operations to get rid of them, but they always came back, until she couldn't have any more operations. Then we had to watch as the tumours grew and spread, became ulcerated and finally took away her life. Dear Lacey, run free at the Rainbow Bridge.


Hope said...

So sorry for your loss.

Cyn said...

Thank you, Hope, I fear that tomorrow we may have to face this again. We have another 16 year old with heart trouble that isn't going to make it.Life can be cruel some times, Cyn

Hope said...

Loss piled on loss.... It's almost too much, sometimes. As much as it hurts to lose them, I always tell people we can't make losing them more important than their lives. The years of joy far outweigh the pain.

astrogalaxy said...

Sad about your loss!
When my mini schnazuer passed away, I was so sad!

Sue said...

I have gone thro lots of tissues since Sam died last week. I had no idea you had lost Lacey too. How awful for you all. As Hope says the joy and laughs that they bring is never ever forgotten. It's all part of our lives. Take care. Sue

lin said...