Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leo' leg

Well, Leo had his stitches out today and so far his leg hasn't dropped off!

Actually it will be two weeks tomorrow since he had the op on his knee and he has made remarkable progress. He is already putting some weight on his foot and he no longer falls over when he has a wee!

Mike, the vet, doesn't want to see him for another 4 weeks, when he will be half way through the recovery period. He is going to write to the Kennel Club about Leo's op, we have to ask the Kennel Club for permission to show him after his operation.

The news is not so good for Lacey. She is a 15 year old black rough Griffon who has mammary tumours, they have now spread to her armpits and she walks with a limp. She can also lick the tumours and has made them sore. I thought we would have to say goodbye today but Mike is going to give her a steroid injection which will calm them down. So we will see how she goes on.