Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Furry Friend

It's not easy to keep a dog resting (see previous post). It wouldn't be so bad if he was the only dog in the house, but there are eight others, and they all want to sit on my lap too! By the way Leo is behaving at least one of the girls is coming into season as well!

There is also poor Lacey who has terminal cancer and is very near the end of her life, she needs lots of TLC and she wants to sit on the nice soft cushion that I have just put down for Leo. So I have two cushions but then the other dogs are all trying to get on them, it's very like a game of Musical Chairs, only with cushions and nine dogs.

At night I put Leo's cushion on the bed next to my pillow and wrap his lead around my wrist so that I know when he is going walkabout. This morning I was dreaming that someone was trying to pull me over a cliff and I was desparately trying to pull them back, digging my heels into the turf etc. Then I woke to find Leo was nearly hanging himself by trying to jump off the bed!

I have to take him everywhere, to the loo, to fetch my grandson from school, to church, to the hairdressers etc. Last night it was so cold that I left him with my husband and son while I went up to the gate to meet my grandson, who was staying the night, I could hear Leo screaming from the other end of the garden and when I got in these two grown men were trying to stop this tiny dog, who only weighs twelve pounds, from leaping about.

At least I'm busy on the computer printing the church magazine and producing copies of our Pastor's new CD, so I can sit and cuddle Leo. That is until one of the young girl Griffons gives him the eye!


ScruffyDog said...

I hope Leo is healing well. I can relate to how hard it is to keep an active dog from his daily exercise routines! I hope Lacey is comfortable -- how sad for you to know she's at the end of life. But it sure sounds like she has a wonderful place and wonderful people to spend it with.


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