Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let's get started

Well here I am, sitting at the computer with a comatose dog (Leo) hanging across my lap snoring gently. Six of our other dogs are taking their customary positions on the sofa while the other two have gone for an afternoon snooze with my husband, Frank.

This blog is primarily about the life and antics of our nine Griffon Bruxellois (aka Brussels Griffon). We have rehomed Griffons for many years now, I can't imagine just having one, they are addictive. We take in special ones that are elderly or for other reasons can't go to normal sane people. But at Christmas 2002 we were giving the opportunity of buying a show quality red smooth Griffon puppy from friends. We called him Leo and as he grew into a magnificent dog we were encouraged to try him at a few local shows. The first companion show we tried he won Reserve Best of Breed, and at the second a week later he got Best of Breed. OK, these were very small, fun shows but we were addicted!

Next came a Championship show at Birmingham, where we joking said that we could qualify him for Crufts... and we did, or rather, he did, because I barely knew one end of dog showing from the other. And so in 2003 we exhibited a dog at Crufts!

This blog will be a rambling of dog news and all things doggy and Christian. Oh, did I forget to say that I am secretary of our Congregational Church? We live in a tiny fishing village in Devon, UK. a veritable paradise.

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Tanny said...

Cyn, this face are sooooo cute. I can't wait to see and read more.
I have only 2 dogs, and they give me a full time job