Friday, October 5, 2007

And then there were three

Well to continue, we got so addicted to Dog Showing that we were travelling all over the country. Staying in different towns overnight and meeting new people. We travelled by train if the shows were more than 60 miles away and we met some lovely people who made a great fuss of Leo. Not many people know of Griffons and many people said what a lovely pug he was! I am going to get a T-shirt for him to wear with "I AM NOT A PUG!! on it. Many people took his photo with their phones, I must say that we felt honoured to have such a beautiful dog with us.

After a while we decided that it would be good to use him at stud so that his name would go on and maybe he would produce such beautiful offspring that they would become champions. But he was too much of a gentleman to have anything to do with the bitches that visited us for the afternoon. So we decided to purchase a bitch puppy, so that he would have live-in lover, but it would have to be a suitable Griffon with the right pedigree. We found one at last, Buffie, she is very pretty and loves Leo, they looked a suitable pair but unfortunately it soon became obvious that the little bitch had some problems that would rule out breeding from her.

So we tried to find another Griffon bitch and at last found Fifi, another gorgeous red smooth with loads of character. Now just have to wait until she is old enough to have a litter, after eighteen months. The dogs in the picture are (from left to right) Leo, Fifi, Buffie (Timmy, one of our rescue Griffons has slipped in the picture, too).

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