Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Conceptis Puzzles Launches New Site! FREE PUZZLES

I know this is not doggy-related, but I just love doing these puzzles

My favorite puzzle place has updated their website. Click Here
It’s colorful.
It’s fun.
It’s Free.
And it’s easy to use.
Not to mention, it still has loads of free puzzles to work online or to print and play later.
Sudoku, Hitori, Hagaki, Slitherlinks, Cross Sums, and many other number puzzles are updated every week.
And so are the Logic Art Puzzles, which are my favorites.
Have you ever done super Sudoku? They have one that has five regular Sudoku puzzles which overlap like a checkerboard. Really difficult. Great if you love a challenge.
And, if you need help solving puzzles, they have forums to show us how it’s done.
I just may keep bragging about it in the weeks to come.
Free puzzles
Puzzle Forums

If you love these type of puzzles you'll love this site

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