Thursday, December 6, 2007

Leo the patient

Leo is laying across my lap with a blanket over him. We picked him up from the vet this morning, yesterday he was admitted for an emergency cruciate ligament repair.

To those who don't know what a cruciate ligament is it's the stringy thing that holds one bone to another under your knee-cap (patella) and allows your knee to bend up and down but not side to side. Leo's had broken and needed a quick repair so that he could be free from pain and able to walk on four legs.

The vet told me after the op that he had inserted a new ligament made of plastic with metal clips to the bones, and had tidied up the cartiledge in his knee. Leo was kept overnight as he needed morphine to cope with the pain.

He is to have absolutely strict rest for 4-6 weeks and then very limited movement for another 4-6 weeks, with physio-therapy to keep his knee from stiffening up.

Whether we will ever be able to show him again remains to be seen. We will have to ask the Kennel Club for permission to show him as you do after such an operation.

But that doesn't matter, I am just glad he's OK now