Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Plymouth & District Kennel Ass. Dog Show

We went to the Plymouth & District Kennel Association Dog Show, held at Exeter on saturday Nov 17th. We had all three dogs entered in the only class for Griffons, so we needed someone to handle one of them. As we were looking after our five year old grandson, Eddy, all day, I just wondered whether he would be able to take Leo into the ring. He has known the dogs since he was born, and we often go for a walk with the three showdogs and play "dogshows" in the turning circle at the end of our road.

He was very enthusiastic at the idea of showing Leo, so we took him to our ringcraft class (near Axminster) to have a chance to walk Leo on his own and learn a bit about what he would have to do.

On the Saturday we left early as we were the third breed in the ring after two classes of Japanese Chins and two classes of Italian Greyhounds. Judging started at 9.00 a.m., we found a position right at the ringside and our friend, Rachael, joined us as we were putting our seats up. I took each dog out of the cage and gave them a quick groom, and put their show leads on. I was just sorting out their ring numbers when the ring steward called for the Chins, after a few minutes we realised that there were none present. So then she called for the Italian Greyhounds, it just then dawned on me that there were none of them either and that we would be in the ring any moment.

Sure enough the Griffons were called into the ring and I hurriedly got them out of the cage, clipped the right number on each of us and dashed into the ring. Then I realised I didn't have anything to bait them with so I hurried out and came back with the cheese that Frank had chopped up that morning.

Fortunately the judge was a very nice man (I think he was grateful to have some dogs to judge at last), he had a quick look at the dogs while I was trying to explain to Eddy which hand was his left one. He then beckoned to us to go round the ring twice. The theory was that I should go first in line with Fifi, then Eddy with Leo, who would hopefully follow me, then Frank would follow with Buffy. That was the theory, in practice this is what happened..... Fifi applied the brakes and refused to walk anywhere, which caused a pile-up as the rest started to walk forwards, I quickly picked up Fifi and grabbed Leo's lead from Eddy so that I could at least get him on the move.

The I went to put Fifi on the table, knowing that this is something she hates........ I won't go into the rest of the class, I felt quite giddy after I had handled and walked all three of them. I was thrilled, however, when the judge told Eddy that he and Leo had got First and Best of Breed. Bless him, he was thrilled with the big rosette he got.

I wanted to take his photo to show his mum but my camera wouldn't work, I should have known that it wouldn't. I've put an older one here of Eddy and Leo (Leorin Little Gem) taken at the Devon County Show a couple of years ago.


Jenny said...

How exciting for little Eddy!! And a proud moment for you too! Very neat!

Jenny-up the hill

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