Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today we are supposed to be near Oxford showing two of our Griffons at the Griffon Bruxellois Club Open Show. However one of our older rescue/rehomed dogs suddenly had a burst abcess behind his eye. We rushed him to the vet who booked him in yesterday to have five teeth out. This was the cause of the abscess which is still draining horrid yucky stuff into his eye.

Poor Robbie, he must have been in pain for the past few days but he didn't show it, he certainly wasn't off his food! But on Friday he went to the vets and we were anxious until our lovely vet phoned to say that all was well. He had taken some blood to test that his liver and kidney function was fine, he is 13 years old so this was good news.

So we decided that the welfare of our older dogs came before any dog show and we stayed at home. We were going up with a friend the day before and staying at a B & B on Friday night, so we met her along the way and gave her a cup which one of our dogs, Buffie, had won last year, this is her in the picture. We were hoping to win it back with our new little girl Fifi but that wasn't to be.

Ho hum, life is always very variable when you have a family of dogs, but we wouldn't change any one of them for a more peaceful life.

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